Our Services

The following are our main services associated with relocation:


Our Real Estate tours are intended to provide our customers housing options in the most efficient fashion; to do so, we provide them with a previous survey to know exactly what their needs are, making the most of the time our valued customers spend in the tours by showing them what they are really interested in. Our certified real estate agents will help you find the home that you and your family are looking for!


We have an extensive network of contacts with key office parks, duty-free zones, and business parks in Costa Rica.

Moving and / or Purchase of Household

Our movers and packers will perform the entire packing process from the beginning and will make sure that everything arrives in perfect state at your new home. We also offer the best strategic partnerships with major furniture suppliers and kitchenware suppliers in case you would like to purchase everything brand new.


Choosing a school is a very important decision parents have to make when relocating. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice by helping you with the enrollment process including appointments and follow up on your enrollment requests.

Orientation Tour

Employers might wish to provide some local area knowledge to help candidates and their families decide on whether or not to accept a proposed assignment. Transferees and their spouses may wish to visit Costa Rica in advance to arrange for their children’s education, decide on where to live, and make contacts for their spouses’ future benefit or social activities.

Other Services

We can also assist you in tasks such as opening bank accounts, contracting cell phone plans, social clubs affiliation, buying art, hiring catering services, cleaning services, drivers and gardening.

We also offer advice on the best medical centers, pharmacies, doctors, specialists, medical insurance, country clubs, beauty parlors, dry cleaning, supermarkets, city tours, shopping, gym and personal trainers, catering services for your events, and basically anything else you can think of.


Comfort is key when you arrive in a new country. We will provide you with rental cars, drivers, shuttle services, identification, and advice on buying or leasing a new car. These services are provided through strategic alliances with car rental companies, car dealers, and outsourced private drivers.


Relocating also involves a lot of paper work. Costa Rica Relocation offers services to obtain immigration permissions for all the people you and your company need to relocate. We also offer legal representation during your stay in Costa Rica and document procurement services, so we can obtain your personal certificates (birth, marital status and criminal records) in other countries.

Centralized Payments Management

Avoid wasting your executives’ valuable time standing in lines. We will make the payments for you for your utilities, rent, car leasing or rental, school tuition fees, credit cards and anything else you might need.

City Tours

Our City tours will provide you a great experience by showing you the local scene; places such as drugstores, hospitals, gyms, schools, restaurants and malls, are just part of our tours. Luxury mini vans are the perfect complement to start making yourself at home.

24 hours assistance / 7 days a week

Your company and your executives will have access to our concierge phone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use this service to request any type of information you may have and as an emergency hotline if you ever require such service.

Executive Coaching 101

A trusted space is created for the Executive to try out new challenges faced in her/his business environment and/or personal development.
We will be focused on: Self-awareness about strengths and development opportunities, Clarify your development focus, Commit to change, Follow a coaching process, Manage your coaching engagement


How can we assist you?

Relocation is a complicated process that involves many independent components. Loose integration of these components can lead to an unnecessary waste of time and resources. To avoid this, Costa Rica Relocation puts at your service an entire package that offers every required service for a smooth and worry-free relocation.

Companies transferring staff from other countries are able to deal with a single supplier (Costa Rica Relocation) for all the immigration paperwork and clearance needs from the time they are initially relocated to the time they leave.

Stages related to these services are categorized as follows:

Relocation: housing, education options, transportation, medical assistance procurement of different products and services, guclassance services.

Customer Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year hotline to help out clients in every need.

Single Supplier: single supplier service concentrating all payments with the company.

Costa Rica Relocation’s purpose is to serve as a liaison between the companies’ human resources units and the migrant’s family. Staff migrations tend to be complex, and can even lead to occasional conflicts. Avoclassing such conflicts is part of our value-added solutions. Some multi-national Companies and/or institutions, handle their migrating staff’s relocation processes through personnel operating at a country, or regional level; we solve the need of dedicating staff to these functions, while provclassing top-tier solutions to your business requirements.