Expatriate Coaching Program

Our new program is very important for the professional people when they accepted an International Assignment because their life have a big change, for that reason our Expatriate Coaching Program is a new strategy of support for expatriates.

The program was designed to meet the needs of the Expat, providing support during the relocation process.

For us is so important to know the question of the expats, for that reason we created a space for the expatriate to try out new behaviors and strategies before implementing them in the host country work environment or in a personal setting.

In CRR we have the basic structure of a coaching session if your company needs more information call us at the telephone 2201-7156 or visit www.costaricarelocation.com

Expats life

Moving to new country is a big experience for the professional furthermore a challenge for the companies.

That is why in Costa Rica Relocation we have the Expats life service so that the expatriate knows more about the country to be transferred, its culture, its economy and the working environment to which it is going to face.

If your company needs more information call us at the telephone 22016-7156 or email us info@costaricarelocation.com