About us

Costa Rica Relocation is a company made up by professional people. People with years of experience in the relocation business. Young, enthusiastic people with the right vision – people who know where to find the best the country can offer. We work efficiently as a team with one goal in mind: to be the best advisors for you and your executives during the moving process and relocation.


Costa Rica Relocation has a very important mission: we want to become our client’s best strategic partner in Costa Rica by offering the best relocation services for a smooth transition.


Our Vision is to be the trusted partner for our clients that honors every commitment made.


    We want to become our client’s trusted partner in Costa Rica by offering the best relocation services.
    We make relocation a positive experience for our clients.
    We care about people. We are committed in mind and heart with our clients.
    We strive for excellence in everything we do.


Raymundo Macís


Partner and Director | Attorney and Notary Public.
He concentrates his practice on commercial law, foreign investment, immigration law, assisting local and foreign companies.
Partner and Director of Costa Rica Relocation ZURMAC, S.A., a division of Zurcher Odio & Raven Law Firm.
Author of articles on national topics and was nominated as 2013 Costa Rican National Leader.

Alejandra Jimenez


Executive | Legal Assistant.
Alejandra has experience in legal matters and she is responsible for assisting in the immigration procedures.
Law Student.



William Arguello


Executive | Relocation Assistant.
William is responsible for assisting in the immigration procedures at DGME and various institutions, as well as the personalized attention of the client.
Graduated in International Affairs.

Johanna Macís

Johanna Macís

Destinantion Services and Executive Coach
Senior HR Ops Manager and Executive Coach Certified with more than twenty years’ experience in multinational companies and multicultural organizations.
Member of the Association for Coaching in London, la Asociación de Expat Coach y la Asociación Costarricense de Coaching Profesional.



Executive | Immigration Assistant
Erick has extensive experience in customer service and record keeping. Also assists immigration procedures from office and personalized attention to clients.
Graduated in Advertising Design.

How we work

Nelson Flores

“My process was simple and without any problems, they always kept me informed of the progress of my process which is very important to avoid anxiety, they were always willing to answer all my emails and inquiries immediately without any problem. The expatriate experience is complicated from several points of view, but the service received from CR Relocation removed the immigration issue from my everyday worries, they really understood my specific needs and I would definitely recommend their services to friends or colleagues who may need support with their migration processes. Overall I am very pleased with the service provided”.

Israel Martínez

“The service and attention shown by all your staff has been excellent. Everyone has been very attentive and have had more than willing to help. As a foreigner, be able to have a local company who knows the steps to take and to accompany you along this process is invaluable, because it facilitates the adaptation to the new country and your company has done an excellent job”.

Daniel Álvarez

“I am very satisfied with the service provided by the company. Excellent treatment of the staff, and the housing options they showed me. I had very good references of their work which I personally experienced. They are very professional and serious in what they do. Their level of professionalism and responsibility has been excellent”.

Carlos Antonio Osegueda

“I am quite satisfied with the service I received from Costa Rica Relocation. The team has supported me throughout all my immigration process, they have been instructive in the information that provide me, it shows that they are highly qualified executives and they are very prepared with all the requirements for processes and procedures we have done. I was very pleased to be receiving email information related to aspects of events and partnerships with local institutions involved in tourism.”

José María Burneo

“I got a professional and timely service, everything was always on time and ready to help and so I am quite pleased. My family and I had a very good experience, because the staff worked with responsibility, professionalism and they were always aware of my needs”.

Carlos Moreno

“I got a very respectful and professional treatment from the team of Costa Rica Relocation, they had great knowledge of the critical issues. Very good communication quality in terms of response time and content. Enough flexibility and empathy with the requirements requested. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the services, and I feel comfortable recommending this company because I know that the service is of excellent quality.”

Julio César Carrasco

“I am quite satisfied with the attention that Costa Rica Relocation has given to me throughout my migration process. The service has always been personal and professional, they have always sent me follow-ups e-mails regarding my case. It is a company that provides a serious and timely service”.

Mauricio Pavón

“I liked that the Costa Rica Relocation staff offered a good monitoring and reporting of all the procedures performed. Without a doubt I would recommend the service, because they transmitted me confidence and also they worked with responsibility and professionalism”.

Heliodoro Martin

“Excellent service received from the executives who accompanied me in every process. I would definitely recommend the service Costa Rica Relocation gave me in correspondence to the treatment received.”

Francisco Galarreta

“I am very satisfied with the service of the company, because they always kept me informed with a follow up email, and they always gave me recommendations about the process.
I would recommend Costa Rica Relocation because the service and friendliness of the executives, coupled with how well they kept me informed, makes that this service not only satisfies our needs, but it makes us feel safe and updated with all the process”.

Andrés Aulestia

“It is not my first move between countries and the truth is that the service you provide really makes this step easier. Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful. The information provided by you is very useful. I am very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend it to others”.

Soledad Dupin

“They have always done everything on time and have kept meinformed with regular updates about my immigration process. I am quite happy because they have worked with responsibility and professionalism”.

Danilo Palma

“The process was very peaceful and the people who work in Costa Rica Relocation have knowledge in their job. I would recommend their services because there are no mistakes in what they do, the whole process is perfect. The truth is I’m very happy with the services”.

Marissela Brenes

“I feel pretty satisfied with the services because they have answered my questions and given me the support needed to complete my immigration process. The work that Costa Rica Relocation makes, definitely, we cannot do it, because of time and you make it possible in a very efficient way”.

Gustavo Romero

“Excellent service and support, Costa Rica Relocation made my family and myself feel as at home, the best bridge in our transition. Costa Rica Relocation goes further as they are able to do it, support even in things that do not represent benefits for them. Go ahead; keep going, great future for the company”.

Zitaysel Ghersy

“I am very satisfied with the services that Costa Rica Relocation has given to me. They are very responsible, professional, problem-solving to 100%, and they are always willing to collaborate”.

Julio Chávez

“The service they have provided has been excellent, I am very happy because in the opportunities I have need of their services they have always been on time and excellent punctuality. In addition, the treatment of the people I have been attended has been of high quality human and moral”.

Ricardo Alain

“I’m very satisfied with the services they offer. My relocation process was very easy and fast with the help of Costa Rica Relocation”.

Gustavo Romero

“We received a great service and the people made us feel at home; all the time we were well supported and the team was really patient with us. The staff knows their duties and all the time suggested the best choices according to customer’s requirements”.

Gillmar Corado

“Very good attention. Very sensible to the client’s requirements and very flexible”.

Gustavo García

“All the team members from COSTA RICA RELOCATION were very professional and were fully dedicated to attend us in our needs. They accommodated us and our requests in a very short period of time, everything was very well coordinated. We even call Raymundo on Sunday to see a couple of apartments and he accommodated us in just a few minutes. He always made himself available to us whenever we need to talk with him or ask a question. They have been the best relocation service I had the opportunity to work with so far”.

Roberto Aitkenhead

“Because you made us feel at home… The staff is great and was very accommodating to our needs. You guys knew the answers and the process for everything and everything was done in a timely, organized matter. Great responsiveness to email and phone. Willingness to go out of your way for our comfort and satisfaction… The whole process could have been difficult and painful but was simple and done efficiently with your service. Overall great experience”.

Carmen Soto

“The service provided has been very expedite and custom. If a friend or a company requires service I can recommend Costa Rica Relocation without any problem”.

Javier Marín

“The experience is very satisfying. When one reaches a new country has no family and few or no friends. A relocation company ends up becoming part of your family”.

Raúl Tena

“The than I had hopped, which offered me much tranquility especially in immigration matters. They always sought to adapt to our needs without any problems and gave us the information we ewquested every time. Even at a personal level, they have many attentions that should not necessarily be expected, and that is a great value-added given to their customers”.

Claudia Zambrano

“The coordination and logistics of all tasks has been excellent. The kindness of all Costa Rica Relocation personnel really make you feel at home. The experience of moving to a new country is much better if you have this type of professional help”.