In Costa Rica Relocation, we assist you from the beginning in moving your key assets without worries. Our company combines experience and innovation to ensure that the relocation of your executives and their families takes place easily and in an expedited manner. If you are an investor who decided to adopt this country as your new home, we will gladly handle each aspect of your relocation efficiently.


Moving to a new country can be a challenging experience if you do not have the right advice. For this reason, our company has an extensive network that allows us to address any personal or familiar requirement that may happen during the relocation. Our main goal is to ensure that despite the arduous task relocation can be, that your executives will feel…


To ensure this happens, our service offers invaluable advice in:

  • Company Recognition at Immigration
  • Residencies and Work Permits for Company Executives
  • Visas Estancia for Company Executives
  • Residencies for Investors
  • Work Visas
  • Visas for Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Legal Representation during your stay in Costa Rica
  • Destination Services (Housing, City tours, School search, Cultural Shock Seminars, Coaching for Expats)
We want to become our clients
best strategic partner in Costa Rica


The following are our main services associated with relocation:


Our Real Estate tours are intended to provide our customers housing options in the most efficient fashion.


We have an extensive network of contacts with key office parks, duty-free zones, and business parks in Costa Rica.

Moving and / or Purchase of Household

Our movers and packers will perform the entire packing process from the beginning.


Choosing a school is a very important decision parents have to make when relocating.

Orientation Tour

Employers might wish to provide some local area knowledge to help candidates and their families …

Other Services

We can also assist you in tasks such as opening bank accounts, contracting cell phone plans …


We advise our clients with comprehensive immigration solutions according to their needs.

Cultural Shock Seminar

Our course for Expatriates, in essence, is to help them understand our country’s culture, daily life and business scenario.

City Tours

Our City tours will provide you a great experience by showing you the local scene.

24 hours assistance / 7 days a week

Your company and your executives will have access to our concierge phone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Executive Coaching 101

A trusted space is created for the Executive to try out new challenges…