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In Costa Rica Relocation, we assist you from the beginning in moving your key assets without worries. Our company combines experience and innovation to ensure that the relocation of your executives and their families takes place easily and in an expedited manner. If you are an investor who decided to adopt this country as your new home, we will gladly handle each aspect of your relocation efficiently


Moving to a new country can be a challenging experience if you do not have the right advice. For this reason, our company has an extensive network that allows us to address any personal or familiar requirement that may happen during the relocation. Our main goal is to ensure that despite the arduous task relocation can be, that your executives will feel…


To ensure this happens, our concierge service offers invaluable advice in:

  • Immigration
  • Housing
  • City Tours
  • Transportation (drivers, shuttle service, car rentals)
  • Education
  • Cultural Shock Seminars
  • Medical assistance (doctor referrals, hospitals, drugstores)
  • Moving services
  • Sourcing of: furniture, equipment, art, and automobiles
  • Payments (rentals, basic services, utilities, domestic services)
  • Medical Tourism
  • View our services
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About us


Costa Rica Relocation has a very important mission: we want to become our client's best strategic partner in Costa Rica by offering the best relocation services for a smooth transition.


Costa Rica Relocation is a company made up by professional people.  People with years of experience in the relocation business.  Young, enthusiastic people with the right vision – people who know where to find the best the country can offer.  We work efficiently as a team with one goal in mind: to be the best advisors for you and your executives during the moving process and relocation.

How can we assist you?

Relocation is a complicated process that involves many independent components.  Loose integration of these components can lead to an unnecessary waste of time and resources. To avoid this, Costa Rica Relocation puts at your service an entire package that offers every required service for a smooth and worry-free relocation.

Companies transferring staff from other countries are able to deal with a single supplier (Costa Rica Relocation) for all the immigration paperwork and clearance needs from the time they are initially relocated to the time they leave.


Relocation: housing, education options, transportation, medical assistance procurement of different products and services, guclassance services.

Customer Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year hotline to help out clients in every need.

Single Supplier: single supplier service concentrating all payments with the company.

Costa Rica Relocation's purpose is to serve as a liaison between the companies' human resources units and the migrant's family. Staff migrations tend to be complex, and can even lead to occasional conflicts. Avoclassing such conflicts is part of our value-added solutions. Some multi-national Companies and/or institutions, handle their migrating staff's relocation processes through personnel operating at a country, or regional level; we solve the need of dedicating staff to these functions, while provclassing top-tier solutions to your business requirements.


The following are our main services associated with relocation:


Services1Our Real Estate tours are intended to provide our customers housing options in the most efficient fashion; to do so, we provide them with a previous survey to know exactly what their needs are, making the most of the time our valued customers spend in the tours by showing them what they are really interested in. Our certified real estate agents will help you find the home that you and your family are looking for!


Services1We have an extensive network of contacts with key office parks, duty-free zones, and business parks in Costa Rica.


Services1Our movers and packers will perform the entire packing process from the beginning and will make sure that everything arrives in perfect state at your new home. We also offer the best strategic partnerships with major furniture suppliers and kitchenware suppliers in case you would like to purchase everything brand new.


Services1Choosing a school is a very important decision parents have to make when relocating. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice by helping you with the enrollment process including appointments and follow up on your enrollment requests.


Services1Relocating also involves a lot of paper work.  Costa Rica Relocation offers services to obtain immigration permissions for all the people you and your company need to relocate.  We also offer legal representation during your stay in Costa Rica and document procurement services, so we can obtain your personal certificates (birth, marital status and criminal records) in other countries.

Centralized Payments Management

Services1Avoid wasting your executives’ valuable time standing in lines. We will make the payments for you for your utilities, rent, car leasing or rental, school tuition fees, credit cards and anything else you might need.

City Tours

Services1Our City tours will provide you a great experience by showing you the local scene; places such as drugstores, hospitals, gyms, schools, restaurants and malls, are just part of our tours. Luxury mini vans are the perfect complement to start making yourself at home.

24 hours assistance

Services1Your company and your executives will have access to our concierge phone line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can use this service to request any type of information you may have and as an emergency hotline if you ever require such service.

Other Services
Services1 We can also assist you in tasks such as opening bank accounts, contracting cell phone plans, social clubs affiliation, buying art, hiring catering services, cleaning services, drivers and gardening.

We also offer advice on the best medical centers, pharmacies, doctors, specialists, medical insurance, country clubs, beauty parlors, dry cleaning, supermarkets, city tours, shopping, gym and personal trainers, catering services for your events, and basically anything else you can think of.


Comfort is key when you arrive in a new country. We will provide you with rental cars, drivers, shuttle services, identification, and advice on buying or leasing a new car. These services are provided through strategic alliances with car rental companies, car dealers, and outsourced private drivers.

Our clients

To guarantee your welfare in Costa Rica we will help you establish your “home-away-from-home” in the shortest period of time.

Our main clients are:

  • Multinational companies that transfer their executives to Costa Rica.
  • Private investors / individuals Migrating to Costa Rica.
  • Embassies and diplomats.
  • International Organisms and other non-profit institutions.
  • Banks and other financial institutions.
  • Foreign universities' students migrating to Costa Rica.
  • Foreign companies' staff temporarily migrating to Costa Rica to execute contracts awarded through bidding processes.
  • Tour operators.
  • Costa Rican companies expanding to countries.

Welcome to costa rica

WelcomeCosta Rica is PURA VIDA. (Costa Rica is Pure Life).  This is not just a phrase Costa Ricans use to express how good they feel, this phrase pretty much represents our essence.

In the heart of the American Continent, this country is home to a unique natural wealth. Our people make the difference, we have one of the highest literacy rates of the American Continent, and investors are benefiting from highly skilled labor force and a stable infrastructure, a perfect place to invest.

Costa Rica is known worldwide as a country that respects human rights and has a pacifist tradition (in 1948 the army was abolished). Costa Rica provides a positive environment to invest and settle.

All of these features have made Costa Rica an attractive place for investors. Foreign investment is encouraged and welcome in the country.

People living and visiting Costa Rica can find a wide range of services from national and international suppliers. Recognized foreign franchises have also established in the country.

Our clients

Volcanoes, beaches, different types of forests, broad valleys, and rivers are part of Costa Rican outstanding geography.

Our natural wonders can easily become the stage for various activities such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, canopy, rappel, and paragliding.

We have tropical climate marked by two major seasons: the dry season from December to April and the rainy season from May to November. The average temperature is 22 º C (72 º F).  Given the diversity of our land, you can experience different climate temperatures within a short drive’s time.

Doing Business

This section provides basic guidance to people or companies that are contemplating establishing business operations in or exporting to Costa Rica. It covers briefly the most important aspects of doing business in Costa Rica, whether the operations will serve the national market, serve the region from Costa Rica as a base or use Costa Rica as a manufacturing base.

General aspects

Costa Rica is a democratic Republic located in Central America that has had a stable constitutional system form more than five decades. Costa Rica is known worldwide for its long term political social and economical, stability, formerly known as coffee and banana exporting country, Costa Rica has embraced high-tech exports, and shared services as a new way of doing business, all this combined with the fact of  being an outstanding touristic destination. The standard of living is relatively high and the land ownership is widespread. In January 2008, Costa Rica assumed a nonpermanent seat on the United Nations´ Security Council for the 2008-09 term.

Country Overview:


4.2 million.

Capital City : San Jose.
Area: 51,100 sq km.
Age Structure: 0-14 years: 26.7% (male 581,916/female 555,216)
15-64 years: 67.1% (male 1,443,606/female 1,411,168)
65 years and over: 6.2% (male 120,969/female 141,002) (2009 est.)
Major languages: Spanish (official), English (second language) is frequently is spoken in business meetings.
Major religion: Roman Catholic.
Life expectancy: 78.5 years.
Human development index value: 0.846 (High Human Development).
Human development index rank: 48th, out of 177 countries.
Currency: Costa Rican Colon.
Main exports: Integrated circuits, computer parts, bananas and pineapples.
Per-capita GDP (2007): US$5,837.
Sources: United Nations Human Development, CIA: The World Factbook

Costa Rica decided to abolish its army 6 decades ago, allowing the redirection of the resources that were used for military purposes towards education and health. This initiative has granted Costa Rica the best health indicators in Latin America and has created a stable middle class through increased educational opportunities. Costa Rica has achieved a relatively high standard of living among developing nations, with a US$5,837 per-capita GDP and an unemployment rate that currently stands at 4.6% (July, 2007). Our country currently enjoys a 94.9% literacy rate.

Technical training and professional education, in addition to innovation and transfer of technology, are crucial factors for achieving higher levels of country productivity, and the latter Costa Rican governments had understood that, emphasizing on having a world-class education that brings competitive advantages within the global economy we live in.

15% of the Costa Ricans over 18 years old hold either a technical or a university degree, and nearly 30,000 diplomas are granted by universities throughout the nation. By focusing on developing technologically advanced and highly skilled labor force, Costa Rica remains adding value to the international marketplace for many years to come. Technological and medical companies as well as financial shared service centers, and call centers have chosen Costa Rica as their off-shore operations country because they rely in their people´s education, versatility and productivity.

Costa Rica is also well known by its health indicators, the life expectancy stands at 78.5 years – the highest in Latin America- which is close to Germany’s (79.1) and has one of the highest United Nations’ Human Development Indexes among developing nations. With the DR-CAFTA Trade agreement, Costa Rica has become even more attractive as a country, as the export duties between the country and the United States have either been eliminated or significantly reduced for some merchandises.

Among the many advantages of operating in Costa Rica we can mention:

  • Highly educated and productive workforce
  • Strategic location and preferential market Access
  • Lower costs
  • Export-oriented infrastructure
  • Strategic location and preferential market Access
  • Political, social and economic stability
  • Several Multi-National Companies operate in the country

Last but not least, Costa Rica´s government entities are also a great plus, as they offer continual counseling to those company that have already invested in the country as well as guidance to those which want to start operations, both CINDE and PROCOMER, provide great support anytime you need it.

legal aspects


Costa Rica has no general foreign investment law, and its exchange controls were lifted in 1992. Costa Rican law permits national and foreign companies to operate bank accounts in colones or in dollars, both in Costa Rican banks and abroad. There are no technology transfer requirements. Foreign remittances are taxed and some tax incentives include export performance requirements. For many years, Costa Rican law currently established some industries such as telecommunications, electricity generation and distribution, and insurance services as state monopolies, and prohibits private investment there. Under the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the US (CAFTA), these monopolies will be phased out in the near future.


The general rule in Costa Rica is that foreign persons have the same property rights as Costa Rican nationals. Thus, there are no legal restrictions that would specifically affect a foreign entity or a Costa Rican entity owned by foreign capital that desires to rent or purchase real estate. Costa Rica’s Civil Code generally regulates all types of leases in the national territory. In addition to the basic provisions of the Civil Code, urban leases are also subject to a separate Law for Urban Leases.


Costa Rican law recognizes a wide variety of organizations, including corporations (sociedad anónima, or SA), limited liability companies (sociedad de responsabilidad limitada, SRL or LLC), general (sociedad en nombre colectivo) and limited partnerships (sociedad en comandita), limited liability individual enterprises, trusts, foundations, civil associations and cooperatives. Foreign companies may operate legally in Costa Rica through local branches, joint-ventures, wholly-owned subsidiaries and other variations of the standard organizations.

Regardless of the method of operation, an enterprise doing business requiring a legal representative in Costa Rica must register with the Commercial Section of the National Registry (Registro Nacional), thus becoming a national enterprise and taxpayer for Costa Rican purposes, regardless of the nationality of its owners or officers. Foreigners may (i) act as officers, directors, partners or trustees in local companies, (ii) make use of negotiable commercial documents and (iii) execute any kind of legal contract.

The corporation is by far the most common form of business entity in Costa Rica. In recent years, however, US and European tax advantages have made the limited liability company more desirable for some businesses. Corporations and LLC’s are relatively easy to manage, especially with respect to powers of representation, decision-making issues and other day-to-day business administration activities. They both limit the financial exposure and liabilities of shareholders vis-à-vis third parties.

Foreign companies may register branch offices, which are only liable for income tax on Costa Rican source income. Although branch offices are not separate legal entities and therefore do not limit the potential liabilities of the foreign company in Costa Rica, foreign companies may in effect achieve limitation of liability by forming a special purpose subsidiary in their own or a third jurisdiction and registering a branch office of the special purpose company in Costa Rica, thus limiting liability in Costa Rica to the capital of the special purpose company.


Employment and labor laws are an important part of Costa Rica’s legal structure. Basic labor rights include minimum conditions of liberty and dignity for all workers; minimum wages and equal pay for equal work; an 8-hour workday and 48-hour workweek; time-and-a-half pay for overtime; and severance payment (but not the right to reinstatement as contemplated by other Latin American legislations) for “unjust” dismissal. The 1943 Labor Code follows the principle of minimum standards that can only be negotiated in the direction of improvements for the employee. The Labor Code also addresses collective bargaining rights, including the right to unionize and the right to strike pursuant to a mandatory conciliation process.

The Labor Code defines an employment relationship as one in which the employee receives money in exchange for services and is subject to direction and control by the employer. Employment agreements need not be in writing, but oral agreements are typically interpreted in favor of the employee. Even in the case of written agreements, the minimum standards of employment in the Labor Code cannot be reduced; however they may be improved by agreement among the involved parties.

The Employer may also implement internal work policies which do not need the approval of any government agency and may be considered as part of the conditions of the labor contract.


Entry Visas.  The General Immigration Authority of Costa Rica (DGME) enacted entry visa requirements for non-residents. The visa requirements primarily affect nationals of Group 3 (consular visa required) and Group 4 (restricted visa or DGME authorization required).
Group 3 nationals with entry visas valid for three months to the U.S., Canada, or an E.U. country will not require the Costa Rican consular visas and may enter Costa Rica for up to 90 days. Group 3 nationals include Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru and Taiwan.

Group 4 nationals with entry visas valid for three months to the U.S., Canada, or an E.U. country or with permanent resident visas valid for 6 months will not require the Costa Rican restricted visa or DGME authorization and may enter Costa Rica for up to 30 days. Group 4 nationals include Cuba and Iran.

A copy of Directive DG-3312-2010 and complete listing of the 4 groups is available at http://www.migracion.go.cr/visas/Directrices%20visas.pdf

Procedure for obtaining Consular Visas.

In case the visa is requested in favor of a foreigner whose nationality requires a consular visa, once the complete documentation has been received, the Refuge, Restricted and Consular Visas Unit of the General Department, in the time frame of ten business days, will verify the information submitted and may give notice only once and in writing to the interested party, so that the omitted content requirements are completed or the information is clarified.

The complete application should be resolved in a time frame not exceeding fifteen business days, authorizing or denying the visa, having to adequately justify in both cases the decision.

Procedure for obtaining Restricted Visas.

Having received the complete documentation, Refuge, Restricted and Consular Visas Unit of the General Department, in the time frame of ten business days, will verify the information submitted and give notice, in case it deems it convenient, only once and in writing to the interested party,  so that the omitted content requirements are completed or the information is clarified.

Once the requirements are complete, the Restricted Visas and Refuge Commission should resolve the application in a time frame that will not exceed thirty business days, authorizing or denying the visa, having to adequately justify in both cases the decision.

In case the visa is authorized, the visa should be extended under the condition of possible legal permanence in Costa Rica and the interested person must settle the payment of a deposit of guarantee, the amount of which will be indicated through prior resolution.  The final resolution of authorization will remain subject to the verification of said payment.  There is no exoneration of payment of the guarantee deposit, except through founded resolution of the General Director.

Corporate Immigration.

In May, 2011, the General Immigration Authority of Costa Rica (“DGME”) enacted a new Decree which established the new regulations on registration of companies and granting of residence permits for the Firm’s Staff and their dependants.

In May, 2011, the General Immigration Authority of Costa Rica (“DGME”) enacted a new Decree which established the new regulations on registration of companies and granting of residence permits for the Firm’s Staff and their dependants.

Acknowledged Firms: Definitions and Classifications

  • Established Firms: Constituted according to the requirements of the Costa Rican laws, which are effective in accordance to their line of business.
  • Firms to Be Established: Their purpose is to install their operations in Costa Rican under any of the modalities of business structure legally allowed in accordance to their line of business.
  • Classification of the Firms: The firms will be subject to acceptance in order to process their applications of an immigration nature in accordance to the guidelines of these regulations, and included within the following categories:

Class A:

Are those operating or which will initiate operations under special regimes of export promotion.  These regimes are managed by COMEX and PROCOMER.

Class B:

Are those exporting goods and services outside of special regimes of export promotion or performing research and development activities.

Class C:

Are operating in the Tourism Sector in Costa Rica, specifically in the fields of tourism lodging, they must have a Tourism Declaration and a classification from four stars onwards.  As well, the registration of airlines registered with the Airlines Association will be authorized, both passenger as well as cargo, the latter will only be authorized if they have the category of operators.

Class D:

Are those operating in the financial field in Costa Rica, and which are supervised by or registered with the  SUGEF (banking sector), SUPEN, SUGEVAL (non banking sector); and, SUGESE (insurance sector).

Class E:

Are those in the installation process or that are operating in the field of telecommunications in Costa Rica, and which are supervised by or registered with SUTEL.

Class F:

Are those that are not located in any of the classifications described above, characterized for being multi-national and the parent company of which has decided the installation of a subsidiary in Costa Rica, with a line of operations that is developed in the production and marketing fields of goods and services.  It is understood by multinational the firm that has operations in at least 3 countries, excluding Costa Rica.

Class G:

Firms: Are those in operation or which will initiate operations in Costa Rica and have been awarded a contract promoted by some entity or organ of the Public Administration, as long as the effective time frame of the contract surpasses one calendar year.

General Dispositions

  • Every document issued abroad submitted before the DGME, should be properly legalized by the Costa Rican Consul in your country and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica.
  • Every document written in a language different from Spanish should provide an official translation into Spanish.

Procedure for the Registration of Firms

  • Complete the application form according to the classification of the firm that corresponds (forms are not available yet).
  • Submit application at the specific window for firms.
    a. Applications not contemplated in the categories described above or that are submitted incompletely will not be accepted.
  • Once the documentation has been received, in a time frame no longer than five business days, the Department of Technical Evaluation will verify the information submitted, and will be able to give preventive notice once only and in writing so that the omitted content requirements are completed or the information is clarified. Ten (10) business days are granted to rectify the corrective notice.
  • Once the documentation is complete, the Department of Technical Evaluation will perform the analysis and evaluation and will issue the corresponding resolution, for which it will have a time frame no longer than fifteen business days, as from the date when the documentation was received.
  • The DGME will grant the acknowledgement of the firm that fulfills all the requirements, which will be effective for 2 years, except for category G, which will depend on the time frame during which the administrative contracting will be in effect.
  • The firms should update the documentation one month in advance to the expiration of the acknowledgement.

Temporary residence permit for workers of firms acknowledged before DGME


  • Managers, Executives, Specific Professionals or Specialized Technicians.
  • Qualified professionals who with demonstrated business criterion are subject to a policy of international posts rotation inside the firms that make up the corporation.
  • Scientists, professionals and specialized or trained technical staff who possess proven experience.
  • Managers, Executives, Specific Professionals included for these occupations and who are in charge of planning, directing, controlling and coordinating the firm´s operations, which allow its consolidation in the national and international markets.

Procedure for Application of Temporary Residence Permit for the Firm’s Staff and their Dependants

  • Complete the application form according to the corresponding firm´s classification (the forms are not available yet).
  • Submit the application at the specific window for firms.
    a. Applications not contemplated in the categories described above or that are submitted incompletely will not be accepted.
  • Once the documentation has been received, in a time frame no longer than five business days, the Department of Technical Evaluation will verify the information submitted, and will be able to give preventive notice once only and in writing so that the omitted content requirements are completed or the information is clarified.  Ten (10) business days are granted to rectify the corrective notice.
  • Once the documentation is complete, the Department of Technical Evaluation will perform the analysis and evaluation and will issue the corresponding resolution, for which it will have a time frame no longer than fifteen business days, as from the date when the documentation was received.
  • Once the application has been approved, one will proceed to process the documentation of the interested persons, for which they will have 24 hours as from the moment when they receive the receipt of the documentation in order to validate it.
  • In case this is not done, you will have to submit a duly founded justification of why it was not possible to process it.

For private individuals seeking to reside in Costa Rica by their own means, there are basically three possibilities for Temporary Residency (must be renewed each year and cannot work or perform any remunerated physical or intellectual task, but live out of their income):

  • Rentist: Applicants need to prove that they have financial access, to at least $2,500 per month for a minimum of 5 years (the assignee and dependants –wife and children under 25 years old- will obtain a residence, but if the person is single the same money is required). This will mean that a class A financial institution or Bank will have to certify that it has a direct and irrevocable order to deposit from your accounts U$2,500 per month. So in this particular case, the applicant must have U$150,000 in a bank account in order to comply with this requirement. For renewal purposes, you must exchange the U$2,500 into colones on a monthly or yearly basis and show the bank receipt for it.

  • Pensionado (Retiree): the applicant has to prove that it has a monthly social security pension of U$1,000 dollars, for life. In this type of residency, the Retiree has the right to bring his immediate family, wife and children fewer than 18 or with any disability, without having to prove a higher monthly income.

  • Investor: There are three type of investor residents:
    a. General Investors: Applicants will have to prove an investment in excess of U$200.000 in Costa Rica on any kind of industry or business.
    b. Tourist Investors: U$50.000 in tourist investments, which also will have to have the tourism licensed duly issued.
    c. Agricultural Investors: U$100.000 in agricultural investments and the investment will have to be acknowledged and accredited before the Agricultural Department of Costa Rica.

In any of these three cases you will need an extent list of requirements for the company holding the business, which will depend on the type of corporation and business you are running.

Renewal of Residence Permits: The following are the requirements:

  • Application addressed to the General Immigration Authority of Costa Rica (“DGME”) signed by the legal representative of the firm.
  • Special power-of-attorney.
  • Be registered with the CCSS social welfare insurance.
  • Settle the immigration payments.
  • Certified photocopies of the worker´s passport.
  • Indicate fax number to receive notifications.

The DGME issued Directive 1086-2009 (effective April 1, 2009) whereby it authorized Banco de Costa Rica (“BCR”) to process the renewals of all types of resident visas. BCR started offering this service to the public in June. Therefore, all resident visa holders can visit a BCR office and perform the renewal process personally. This procedure is still under trial; but if successful, it will transfer a significant volume of cases from the DGME to BCR and, thereby, enable DGME to focus its resources on other immigration processes.


Costa Rica only taxes income that is generated within the national territorial boundaries (domestic source or “source income”): it does not tax based on residence or citizenship.

The Costa Rican Congress is at this time reviewing its tax system to replace the current tax incentives granted to Free Trade Zone manufacturing companies.  The rates under discussion range from 15% to 30%. 

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Costa Rica Relocation has been appointed as Pro-Link GLOBAL´s (www.prolinkglobal.com) Keiretsu Global Network Member. Pro-Link GLOBAL is boutique global corporate immigration firm specializing in global work permits, residence permits, entry visas, and immigration documentation and management services. Pro-Link GLOBAL (PLG) has over 75 years of cumulative expertise in global immigration and a combined total of 40 years experience supporting Relocation Services.

PLG founded and built the Keiretsu Global Network. This is what sets it apart from other competitors. Keiretsu is a Japanese term used to describe a grouping or family of affiliated companies that form a tight-knit alliance to achieve each other’s mutual success. They have a presence in over 120 countries with their own offices or correspondent offices via their dedicated team of Keiretsu Global Network Members (PLG|KGNMs) which allows the the ability to utilize the “Follow-the-Sun” case management process and offer a global service with local connections.

The world of immigration is constantly in flux, and the processes PLG choose to use must be agile enough to change with it. Therefore PLG looked for a tool to ensure that they would be able to translate the concepts of continuous improvement, from a “concept” into actual on-going events, which are many well-designed processes, to deliver a profitable outcome. Six Sigma methodologies are powerful tools for dealing with and measuring results in this environment of inevitable change. PLG has made a major commitment to using Six Sigma tools and Lean methodology - both to drive improvements in their own business and to deliver measurable results for clients.

In connection with technology, PLG uses INSZoom state of the art enterprise software web based technology. They chose INSZoom after reviewing all the off the shelf options for a global immigration offering as well as looking into designing our their in-house proprietary model. They also had extensive discussions with clients to make sure it met their needs and was a product that they could see value in.
With this strategic alliance, Costa Rica Relocation is able to offer services to any country in the world where services are permitted by law and offer outlines of the country immigration process for certain "highly traveled" destination countries in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

We are very glad and optimistic for this new alliance.

senal crRelocation

how we work

"My process was simple and without any problems, they always kept me informed of the progress of my process which is very important to avoid anxiety, they were always willing to answer all my emails and inquiries immediately without any problem. The expatriate experience is complicated from several points of view, but the service received from CR Relocation removed the immigration issue from my everyday worries, they really understood my specific needs and I would definitely recommend their services to friends or colleagues who may need support with their migration processes. Overall I am very pleased with the service provided”.

Nelson Flores
Purchase Manager - Overseas Logistics Operations

“The service and attention shown by all your staff has been excellent. Everyone has been very attentive and have had more than willing to help. As a foreigner, be able to have a local company who knows the steps to take and to accompany you along this process is invaluable, because it facilitates the adaptation to the new country and your company has done an excellent job”.

Israel Martínez
Citibank Costa Rica

"I am very satisfied with the service provided by the company. Excellent treatment of the staff, and the housing options they showed me. I had very good references of their work which I personally experienced. They are very professional and serious in what they do. Their level of professionalism and responsibility has been excellent”.

Daniel Álvarez

"I am quite satisfied with the service I received from Costa Rica Relocation. The team has supported me throughout all my immigration process, they have been instructive in the information that provide me, it shows that they are highly qualified executives and they are very prepared with all the requirements for processes and procedures we have done. I was very pleased to be receiving email information related to aspects of events and partnerships with local institutions involved in tourism."

Carlos Antonio Osegueda
Telefónica de Costa Rica

"I got a professional and timely service, everything was always on time and ready to help and so I am quite pleased. My family and I had a very good experience, because the staff worked with responsibility, professionalism and they were always aware of my needs”.

José María Burneo
General Manager
Alcon de Centroamérica

"I got a very respectful and professional treatment from the team of Costa Rica Relocation, they had great knowledge of the critical issues. Very good communication quality in terms of response time and content. Enough flexibility and empathy with the requirements requested. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the services, and I feel comfortable recommending this company because I know that the service is of excellent quality."

Carlos Moreno
Holcim Costa Rica

"I am quite satisfied with the attention that Costa Rica Relocation has given to me throughout my migration process. The service has always been personal and professional, they have always sent me follow-ups e-mails regarding my case. It is a company that provides a serious and timely service”.

Julio César Carrasco
Telefónica de Costa Rica

"I liked that the Costa Rica Relocation staff offered a good monitoring and reporting of all the procedures performed. Without a doubt I would recommend the service, because they transmitted me confidence and also they worked with responsibility and professionalism”.

Mauricio Pavón
Telefónica de Costa Rica

"Excellent service received from the executives who accompanied me in every process. I would definitely recommend the service Costa Rica Relocation gave me in correspondence to the treatment received."

Heliodoro Martin
Telefónica de Costa Rica

"I am very satisfied with the service of the company, because they always kept me informed with a follow up email, and they always gave me recommendations about the process.
I would recommend Costa Rica Relocation because the service and friendliness of the executives, coupled with how well they kept me informed, makes that this service not only satisfies our needs, but it makes us feel safe and updated with all the process".

Francisco Galarreta
WS de Centroamérica

“It is not my first move between countries and the truth is that the service you provide really makes this step easier. Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful. The information provided by you is very useful. I am very pleased with the service and would definitely recommend it to others”.

Andrés Aulestia

"They have always done everything on time and have kept meinformed with regular updates about my immigration process. I am quite happy because they have worked with responsibility and professionalism”.

Soledad Dupin

"The process was very peaceful and the people who work in Costa Rica Relocation have knowledge in their job. I would recommend their services because there are no mistakes in what they do, the whole process is perfect. The truth is I'm very happy with the services”.

Danilo Palma

"I feel pretty satisfied with the services because they have answered my questions and given me the support needed to complete my immigration process. The work that Costa Rica Relocation makes, definitely, we cannot do it, because of time and you make it possible in a very efficient way”.

Marissela Brenes
Telefónica de Costa Rica

“Excellent service and support, Costa Rica Relocation made my family and myself feel as at home, the best bridge in our transition. Costa Rica Relocation goes further as they are able to do it, support even in things that do not represent benefits for them. Go ahead; keep going, great future for the company”.

Gustavo Romero

"I am very satisfied with the services that Costa Rica Relocation has given to me. They are very responsible, professional, problem-solving to 100%, and they are always willing to collaborate”.

Zitaysel Ghersy
Telefónica de Costa Rica

“The service they have provided has been excellent, I am very happy because in the opportunities I have need of their services they have always been on time and excellent punctuality. In addition, the treatment of the people I have been attended has been of high quality human and moral”.

Julio Chávez

“I’m very satisfied with the services they offer. My relocation process was very easy and fast with the help of Costa Rica Relocation”.

Ricardo Alain
Telefónica de Costa Rica

“We received a great service and the people made us feel at home; all the time we were well supported and the team was really patient with us. The staff knows their duties and all the time suggested the best choices according to customer’s requirements”.

Gustavo Romero
RIU Head CITI Colombia

"Very good attention. Very sensible to the client’s requirements and very flexible".

Gillmar Corado
Financial Manager CAMDR Kraft Foods

“All the team members from COSTA RICA RELOCATION were very professional and were fully dedicated to attend us in our needs. They accommodated us and our requests in a very short period of time, everything was very well coordinated. We even call Raymundo on Sunday to see a couple of apartments and he accommodated us in just a few minutes. He always made himself available to us whenever we need to talk with him or ask a question. They have been the best relocation service I had the opportunity to work with so far”.

Gustavo García
Finance Manager NNE Kraft Foods

“Because you made us feel at home… The staff is great and was very accommodating to our needs. You guys knew the answers and the process for everything and everything was done in a timely, organized matter. Great responsiveness to email and phone. Willingness to go out of your way for our comfort and satisfaction... The whole process could have been difficult and painful but was simple and done efficiently with your service. Overall great experience”.

Roberto Aitkenhead
Trading Head Citi

"The service provided has been very expedite and custom. If a friend or a company requires service I can recommend Costa Rica Relocation without any problem".

Carmen Soto

"The experience is very satisfying. When one reaches a new country has no family and few or no friends. A relocation company ends up becoming part of your family".

Javier Marín
Latin American Health Services

"I think they are very professional at what they do, they are very well versed regarding processes and what to do. They have a fairly good action speed and a attitude of service above the than I had hopped, which offered me much tranquility especially in immigration matters. They always sought to adapt to our needs without any problems and gave us the information we ewquested every time. Even at a personal level, they have many attentions that should not necessarily be expected, and that is a great value-added given to their customers".

Raúl Tena
Cadbury Adams

"The coordination and logistics of all tasks has been excellent. The kindness of all Costa Rica Relocation personnel really make you feel at home. The experience of moving to a new country is much better if you have this type of professional help".

Claudia Zambrano

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